8 Reasons why your power washer should be serviced

The Regulations

All pressure washing portable appliances must be examined & serviced six monthly or annually, have a certified maintenance record by law, to ensure your safety and you comply with your insurance policy small print. It is now law that every high pressure washer must be P.A.T tested six monthly or annually, to BS 7671 (16edition) Electricity at Work Regulations 1989 & HSE PM 29 Regulations.

Why Service

  •  To prevent and stop unexpected breakdowns.
  •  To cut down and reduce the risk of downtime.
  •  To improve the performance of the washer.
  •  To reduce and save money on maintenance costs.
  •  To achieve extended reliability.
  •  Guarantee increased long life from the machine.

Our Promise

  •  Factory cross-trained engineers.
  •  Fully certified engineers.
  •  Fully insured engineers.
  •  Guaranteed quick response engineers to work on your equipment!

No Hire Charges

You will receive no hire charges whilst your own machine is awaiting repair or parts. A FREE on loan machine will be provided to all Aquawash maintenance contract customers should any unforeseen circumstances occur i.e. (awaiting parts for your machine).

Original Parts

We use only original manufacturer's parts.

Priority Scheduling

FREE Priority scheduling of breakdown call-outs.


SERVICING & REPAIRS DISCOUNT OF 10% is available for customers making payments at time of service visits, reducing costs even further.

Maintenance Record

Safety has always been of paramount concern at Aquawash. The Aquawash Service 62 schedule which ensures regular and thorough service inspections by fully certified & insured engineers illustrates our commitment to maintaining SAFE high pressure cleaning equipment.

If your machine is serviced by an Aquawash service engineer your machine will comply with the following regulations:

  •  Testing to BS 7671 (18th edition)
  •  Electricity at work regulations (E.A.W.R) 1989
  •  HSE Health & Safety PM 29 Regulations.