Trailer Mounted & Bowser Pressure Washers

Aquawash Hot Trailermounted Unit

Available with a variety of engines with specifications ranging from 3 cylinder to 4 cylinder water cooled diesel engines. All complying with EC emissions & noise regulations. We offer a variety of engine manufacturers including Yanmar & Isuzu.

Consisting of a box section main chassis with bolt on zintec panels coated with an epoxy stove enamelled finish. Fitted with a stainless steel water tank although the unit is easily converted to direct suction. Also fitted with a 75 metre high pressure hosereel complete with 15 metre high pressure hose, heavy duty on/off gun, lance & nozzle.

The road going trailer comes complete with 2 13" wheels, brakes & lights including jockey wheel, parking brake and 2 stabilising stands.

The fuel tank complete with triple fuel filter system, sight level gauge & low level fuel cut out immobilising the engine.

The lockable control panel incorporates the engine key switch, thermostat, hour run meter & 16 amp 110v socket. It is also fitted with lights indicating cold start, low oil pressure cut out, engine over temperature cut out & 12v charging circuit.

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Aquawash Hot Trailer with On Board Water Tanks

  •  Hawk HC550 Pump
  •  3000 PSI.
  •  18 Litres per minute flowrate.
  •  Triple V Belt drive - Single screw adjustment drive.
  •  Kubota 14 H.P Water Cooled Engine.
  •  Heavy Duty Zintec Box Section & St/St Covers Chassis.
  •  Stainless Steel Cover.
  •  Double wound vertical coil.
  •  80 - 120oC Temperature Range.
  •  27 Litre Fuel Tank.
  •  Low Pressure Injection Detergent.
  •  Heavy Duty Industrial Use.
  •  Steam Stage Low Pressure.
  •  Heavy Duty Galvanised Chassis.
  •  2 x 300 Litre Baffled On Board Interlinked Water Tanks.
  •  Lockable Tow Hitch.
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Bowser Pressure Washer 1100 Litre Cold only

  •  Interpump Pump
  •  1500 to 3000 PSI.
  •  11 to 18 Litres per minute flowrate.
  •  1100 Litres Water Bowser.
  •  Honda Petrol or Yanmar Diesel Engine.
  •  Road tow trailer with full highway spec.
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